By now you’re probably aware that the Philadelphia Union are hosting New York City FC in the MLS Eastern Conference Final on Sunday afternoon at Subaru Park.

Thursday, NYC broadcaster Ian Paul Joy went on Twitter to complain about the number of tickets allocated to the away team:

Legit gripe, or fake outrage?

I checked with three of my old, trustworthy Philadelphia Union sources, and this is what I was told:

  1. Major League Soccer requires the home team to allocate 100 tickets for away supporters
  2. the Union actually gave NYC 250 tickets for fans (apparently there’s a good working relationship between these two teams, i.e. they like each other)
  3. the Union ADDITIONALLY gave New York 100 more tickets for front office staff and 150 tickets for premium areas, which are used for clients and VIPs and blah blah
  4. New York City did not ask for additional tickets for fans

So according to my people, the 2,000 number Joy mentions is not correct. He got blasted online, and even “4 for 4” fans were jumping in to roast him. I saw John Kincade on there ripping the guy. Maybe that’s what it finally takes for people to care about soccer around here. Whiny New York fans are a uniting factor.

This is what I was able to gather. We report, you decide.