Nick Sirianni Gives Injury and Post-Bye Week Updates

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back baby. Back to Eagles press conferences after the bye week.

Here’s what Nick Sirianni had to say about:

  • Brandon Brooks: “There’s no change there, he’s continuing to progress. If his status changes, I’ll let you guys know.”
  • Jalen Hurts/Miles Sanders/Jordan Howard: “All trending upwards and we’ll see how the week continues to go. We’re hopeful for all those guys and we’ll see how the week goes. Today is a walk-through like it has been every other Wednesday. We’re kind of settling into this schedule, so probably think we will have more on that definitely on Friday.”
  • Hurts taking practice reps this week: “We’ll see. We’re going to do what we need to do in walk-through today with how we divvy up the reps. Like last walk-through, both Gardner and Jalen got reps and we’ll do the same thing today and we’ll see how everything goes tomorrow.”

Sirianni was also asked about COVID affecting a number of NFL teams, and asked if they’re doing anything differently.

One response:

“You try to keep everybody separate and we did a little shuffling of our meeting rooms, but you try to keep everybody separate and (the quarterbacks are) no different. We didn’t send one of them home or anything like that. But we have space in our meetings that we feel comfortable with.”

They probably benefited from the bye week, right? While other teams were dealing with COVID and putting guys on the list, the Birds were off, and it seems like most of them kept it low key and didn’t go out and do anything crazy.

“I’m just fortunate that we came back in and that we didn’t have a lot of guys that tested positive after being on a bye week and being out and about,” Sirianni added. So obviously, credit to the guys that they were safe when they were out. They were cautious about what they were doing. I know we’ve got a couple guys on protocol right now, but credit to the guys how they handled the bye week and handled the precautions.”

A couple of other notes:

  • they don’t prepare for a team any differently, even if that team has COVID cases, because they have no clue when they might clear protocol
  • they didn’t pick up anything new while watching other teams during the bye week, but continue to clip video and save it for studying
  • his message to the team is “one game at a time, don’t think about the playoffs.
  • he says team doctors and trainers and the entire medical staff as a whole have done a good job as a collaborative unit – “It’s almost like it’s the same as a draft process or it’s the same as getting ready for a week. I think we have really detailed doctors, trainers and strength staff.”
  • they split reps between Hurts and Minshew Wednesday just because they aren’t sure what’s going to happen health-wise
  • he feels encouraged by Hurts’ ankle recovery “because just the time difference and everything like that
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