Brian Kelly is having himself a month.

First, he left Notre Dame WILLINGLY to take the LSU job. That’s quite the statement in itself.

Then, he was introduced at a Baton Rouge basketball game, where he mysteriously developed a southern accent. He must have been absolutely HAMMERING Duolingo on the plane ride from Indiana to Louisiana.

Now Kelly is out here dancing in a social media video with five-star QB recruit Walker Howard:

That’s awkward, but in a weird way, you kind of have to give Kelly credit here. He does not give one-tenth of a shit. He’s leaving Notre Dame. He’s talking in a southern accent. He’s dancing with a recruit. Next he’s gonna be doing Zaxby’s commercials and checking in from Waffle House. His new favorite movie is Live and Let Die, set in Louisiana. He’s all-in and RE-ENERGIZED after hitting a wall in South Bend.

Also, isn’t “Walker” a perfect SEC quarterback name? This guy would go on my Mount Rushmore of Walkers, along with Walker Buehler, Walker Percy, and Walker, Texas Ranger.

As a quick aside, I saw this on Twitter and was dying. I was laughing way too hard: