Philadelphia Inquirer Hiring a “Beat Writer”

Another job opening at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

They’re hiring a “beat writer,” but it doesn’t say which sport that person will be covering. Here’s the summary provided on the listing page:

“The Philadelphia Inquirer is seeking a beat writer to cover one of its five major professional sports for a diverse coverage area that includes one of the country’s most dynamic cities and fan bases, as well as Pennsylvania and South Jersey.”

I think what’s going on here is that they’re making their final replacement for this buyout round. While most of the veteran guys left over the summer, there were others who requested to stay a little while longer (based on when their respective seasons began or ended), and those requests were granted. So I I had to guess, this job opening addresses the impending departure of another vet.

Could be wrong, and there’s no guarantee the replacement is assigned to the same sport, but I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on here. Expect another person to announce that they’re leaving/retiring, and then another new writer comes in to take their place.

We talked about this extensively in my recent deep dive on the changes at the Inquirer.