RG3 Says He’s Exposing the Washington Football Team in New Book

Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III is out of the NFL right now, but had some nice moments with Washington before injuries derailed his career.

Now he says he’s writing a TELL ALL book that will expose the franchise formerly known as the Redskins, and described it this way on Twitter:


“I’m gonna tell you the truth about what happened in that playoff game in 2012 against Seattle. I’m gonna detail the medical mismanagement I received during my time in Washington. I’m gonna open your eyes to the sexual harassment that permeated the walls (sic) of that building. And give you a deep dive into a power struggle between one of the most powerful coaches in all of sports, and an owner that many of you want gone.”

This all sounds great, but he’s getting some criticism for taking matters deemed serious (the sexual harassment) and using that to sell a book. That’s the allegation, and the main gripe here, that he’s trying to profit instead of “doing the right thing,” and speaking up back in the day when these things were reportedly going on.

As you know, Washington has been in perpetual investigation over a variety of claims. Crap workplace environment, harassment, lecherous behavior, etc. The NFL is trying to keep private the findings of their foray, and we’ve only been privy to leaks, leaks that cost Jon Gruden his job, so I imagine there will be some things in RG III’s book that are new to us, and have yet to be detailed.

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