Second Jalen Hurts Interception Also Featured a Crappy No-Call

from all 22 film

This post is by request. A Twitter follower asked for the all-22 film of the second Jalen Hurts interception on Sunday afternoon, to see if there was interference on intended receiver Boston Scott.

To jog your memory, this was right before halftime, the really long drive. Eight seconds on the clock, and Hurts should have just counted in his head before throwing this ball out of play and allowing the field goal unit to get on the field.


The throw is ill-advised, but Tae Crowder puts two hands on Boston Scott and just shoves him to the ground, right in front of the official. Looks like interference to me! My only guess is that since Scott is such a small guy, that maybe the zebra was thinking to himself that the contact was slight, a bigger guy on a smaller guy, even though it looked pretty obvious on replay.

Anyway, there’s a lot of nuance that needs to be applied to this game. The first two interceptions could have been negated by flags, and perhaps should have. Greg Ward dropped a TD pass. Hurts also hit Jalen Reagor in the helmet and hands on the final drive. It’s one of those things where the box score just doesn’t tell the whole story, because there were a lot of funky sequences that made Hurts look worse than he actually was (and he wasn’t great on the afternoon to begin with).

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