One of the annoying things about Sunday’s Eagles game is that the person in charge of replay was asleep at the wheel. Dozing off. There were a couple of big sequences where they went right to commercial break and we got jack shit coming out of it.

Among those sequences was the Quez Watkins target that resulted in an interception, and offensive coordinator Shane Steichen noted on Tuesday that he felt like the Giants got away with a no-call there:

“He (Watkins) was running end cut,” Steichen said.  “I thought it was a good read by Jalen. You could see (Quez) got hooked a little bit. I thought the ball was good, and he got hooked a little bit as he was coming in, and the guy got in front of it and caught it. That was it.”

Steichen says it without really saying it there, that the whole thing was bullshit. It was a penalty and should have been called back. Watkins certainly did get hooked. Thankfully the halftime show gave us the replay of that interception, which confirms the call:

It was a big turning point at the time because the Eagles were in the midst of a 10-play, 54 yard drive that got them down to the Giants’ 20. If they go up 7-3 there, or make it 3-3-, maybe we’re telling a different story entirely.