The Lacrosse Goalie Fight is Pretty Damn Good

from National Lacrosse League

Let’s get it back to lacrosse.

Your team, your town, your Philadelphia Wings are 2-1 and looking pretty good so far. They lost on Saturday but have some solid players on that squad. They’ll be in the thick of it this season.

Elsewhere in the National Lacrosse League, we have goalkeepers going at it:

Gotta say, there was some initial disappointment there, then the black t-shirt guy unleashed an absolutely vicious uppercut around the 40 second mark. Sounds like Joe Rogan on commentary there. And then the other guy is unfazed and counters with a couple of overhand lefts. What a fight! Would love to see the Flyers get back to something like that. Broad Street Bullies and blah blah.

Speaking of hockey, we had a fight in the stands in Tampa:

Awesome. Love the muscular guy in the blue shirt putting the man and woman each in a pseudo-headlock. You know he lifts weights. He’s probably at the gym right now, as I’m typing this story.

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