The Springfield Mall Now Has a Store Called the “Delco Original Trading Co.”

from the Delco Original Trading Co Facebook page

Ever been to the Springfield Mall? It’s right off 476 on the Baltimore Pike. I used to write Union stories from the “food court” there, and when I say “food court,” it’s basically a Sbarro and a Tony Luke’s. That’s it.

But the mall has apparently been upgrading, and Stephanie Farr at the Inquirer shared some photos from a recent Delco foray:

This looks like an awesome store. Not being facetious. I would shop here, as would the woman from the recent Eagles game who said “that’s fucking bullshit” when Javon Hargrave was flagged for roughing the passer. That’s Mary Kate, aka “Mare of Havertown,” who went to high school with Rob Ellis.

APPARENTLY, the Delco Trading Co. is a seasonal endeavor. I went over to the Facebook page and it appears as though this store was in place last year, so it would seem as though they only set up during the holiday season. So you gotta get there soon, or else wait until next year.

The best thing is that this place sells Delco flannel, and there looks to be a separate kiosk for Irish Delco items:

Malls are in rough shape right now. The one up here (Montgomeryville) was just sold. Coventry, our old stomping ground off route 100, is a shell of what it used to be, though apparently Boscov’s is still going strong as one of the ANCHOR stores. Hopefully Springfield Mall embracing its inner Delco is good for business, because nobody wants to see the shopping mall go away forever. The shopping mall will never die.

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