Last week, the Cowboys made some headlines because they brought their own BENCHES to FedExField in Landover. They had the Dallas star logo and all of that.

Todd Archer at ESPN explained why they did it:

Dallas got word from the Seattle Seahawks, who played at Washington on Nov. 30, that the heated benches at FedEx Field kept going out during their game. In order to prevent that from being an issue Sunday with temperatures in the mid- to high 40s, the Cowboys partnered with Dragon Seats out of Cleveland and had the seats shipped to the stadium.

Ok whatever, but now Washington is apparently doing the same thing Tuesday night in Philly:

This is dumb. Some kind of Dallas trolling? In a game not involving Dallas?

What a bunch of cornballs both of these teams are. The Washington Football Team and (alleged) scumbag owner Daniel Snyder. The Dallas Cowboys and Jerruh Jones. God willing, the Birds will win by 40 tonight and the Cowboys will lose out. Go Birds.