Things have gone from bad, to worse, to a dog shitting on the ice, to even WORSE than that for the Flyers.

They fired AV on Monday, then got throttled 7-5 at home by Colorado. The frustration boiled over in section 220, where this happened:

Lots of grabbing and clutching, but no punches thrown, so we wouldn’t call this a melee or a brouhaha. It’s not a donnybrook. It’s more of a scuffle, I’d say.

Concerning, however, is the language one hears in this video clip. The guy on the right, at about the 10 second mark, says something like “you said you beat your own child.” It’s hard to make out, but it sure sounds like that’s the line. Then he says “you screamed at a fucking child (3x)” and “you just threatened a fucking 17-year-old child.” Then somebody else in the background asks for the Flyers to “score some goals really quick,” to help defuse the situation and distract these guys.

This is maybe a 1.3 on a fight scale going to 10, but if you saw this and have more details you can always gimme a shout at [email protected]