It’s college bowl season, and this week we’ve had the Cheez It Bowl, Guaranteed Rate Bowl, and SERVPRO First Responder Bowl. The Duke’s Mayo Bowl is today, Thursday.

Bob had a great idea for a post, and it stems from this tweet:

This is a great topic, and the responses were perfect.

Here is a sampling of the Twitter replies:

Love those. My personal favorite out of that list is the “Boner 4Ever” Bowl. They could play it in North Philly.

And here are some bowl games I’d like to see in town. These are my suggestions, and don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Crossing Broad staff, though I’d imagine they’d probably laugh at and/or agree with most of these:

  • The Cash-Only Restaurants with a $4 ATM Surcharge Fee, presented by Kline and Specter
  • The Officer Joseph Bologna Bowl, presented by John McNesby and Malcolm Jenkins
  • The South Philly Moms Yelling at Ed Rendell Bowl, sponsored by Safehouse Safe Injection Sites
  • The We Can’t Find $33 Million Bowl, presented by the Philadelphia Revenue Department
  • The See Ya in a Kia Bowl, presented by Jim Sipala
  • The Blowhard Sports Talk Radio Host Bowl, sponsored by Howard Eskin
  • The PennDOT Ineptitude Bowl (everybody is 20 minutes late getting to the game because the fucking highway is down to one lane again, but no workers are actually out there doing work)
  • The Universal Pre-K Soda Tax Bowl
  • The Mayor Jim Kenney Bowl, sponsored by Froggy Carr and the Mummers
  • The Alshon Jeffery Snitch Allegations Bowl, brought to you by Josina Anderson
  • The “Bitch I Don’t Have the Virus” Bowl, presented by Di Bruno Brothers
  • The Sack of Shit Lie Bowl, sponsored by Inga Saffron and Stu Bykofsky
  • The Hair Restoration Bowl, brought to you by Paul Glat
  • The Dr. Lowell Meyerson Fanny Doctor Bowl
  • The Double-Bird Flipping Urologist Bowl
  • The Email Hacking and Cop-Punching Bowl, presented by Alycia Lane and Larry Mendte
  • The “Do the Right Thing and Sign” Bowl, brought to you by electrician Tom Cudeyro
  • The What Up? Bowl, sponsored by Jose from Norristown

These are all great suggestions. Let’s bring bowl season to Philadelphia.

By the way, the Liberty Bowl was originally played in Philadelphia. It was hosted at the Philadelphia Municipal Stadium up until 1964, then moved to Atlantic City for a year. In 1965, they shifted to Memphis Tennessee. I was 20 years away from being bornwhen the Liberty Bowl was hosted in Philly, but people on Twitter are saying it was miserable and cold, etc.