I love a good timelapse video:

Holy shit. Never a good sign when you can argue the Wings are a hotter ticket in town than the Flyers at the moment:

It looks like this video started on January 12th because the Kane Brown ft. Chase Rice concert at the beginning of the video was on January 13th. Without the Sixers and Villanova to carry the load, the Wells Fargo Center wouldn’t have seen a lot of winning over those eight days. The teams that played went a combined 3-4 over that stretch. I know it said two 76ers games in the original tweet, but I’m counting the Sixers win against the Magic on January 19th because we end the video with that court, and these records:

  • Sixers: 2-1
  • Villanova: 1-0
  • Flyers: 0-2
  • Wings: 0-1

According to this NBC10 article, this is what goes into building the Sixers court on top of the Flyers ice:

“The actual process of turning the floor from ice to hardwood – laying down 550 sheets of protective floor covering and 225 pieces of hardwood.”

Some would argue the people who build these floors have the most important job in the arena because if something goes wrong we get this legendary video:

Here are some more timelapses over the years from the Royal Rumble in 2018 to the Flyers making the ice: