Aaron Rodgers Says He Never Wanted to be “Divisive” and “Polarizing” with COVID Vaccine Stance

USA Today Sports

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers blew it at home this past weekend. They were a favorite at Lambeau Field and lost to a Niners team that was doing diddly poo on offense before their special teams unit blocked a punt and ran it in for a touchdown.

There was a lot snarky stuff out there from people who dislike Rodgers for his COVID vaccination stance. He mislead folks when he claimed he was “immunized” but hadn’t actually received the vaccine, which caused quite a stir in the NFL world. He became a lightning rod of sorts for the vax and sports crossover topic.

He’s been a frequent guest on Pat McAfee’s show this year, and you figured his first appearance after losing in the divisional round would be must-watch media, and it is:

That first clip is a bunch of nothing. Second clip is interesting though, because there’s an admission that he’s been divisive. He doesn’t apologize for his stance, which you certainly wouldn’t expect, but there’s an acknowledgment that all of the stuff around him was polarizing and distracting and perhaps it didn’t have to be that way. Regardless, if Green Bay could have scored more than 10 points at home, they would still be playing right now.

Anyway, that’s about it for this post. We don’t have to get into all of the Joe Rogan/Dr. Fauci/CDC/whatever quagmire stuff on here. We can argue about that on Facebook with relatives.

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