Ben Simmons Rumor of the Day: A Detroit Offer?

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It’s time for the Ben Simmons rumor of the day.

According to Jake Fischer at Bleacher Report, the Detroit Pistons made an offer:

The situation in Philadelphia hasn’t changed since July: Daryl Morey’s front office has thus far rebuffed any Simmons offer that hasn’t included an All-Star-caliber partner for Joel Embiid who’s on the Sixers’ wish list.

The Pistons’ package of Grant, Saddiq Bey, Kelly Olynyk and a first-round pick, for example, was not met with much enthusiasm by Philadelphia brass, league sources told B/R. But when that deal construct began to circle around rival NBA front offices this fall, it also alerted teams to Grant’s surprising availability.

Hmm.. well that’s an interesting proposal… IF TRUE.

Jerami Grant has come a long way from the guy you saw during the Process years. He’s 27 now, a 20 PPG scorer who grabs five rebounds and shoots 41.4% from the floor. He’s actually taken a step back with his shooting splits in 2021-2022, and is heaving more three pointers while making fewer. We’re talking an average of 16 field goal attempts per game and five or so coming from downtown.

Saddiq Bey is a Nova guy, so Kyle would do this trade. 15 PPG from him and a lot of upside as a 22 year old.

Olynyk is a role player at this point in his career and hits the cap at $12 million for a few more seasons. That’s a bunch of money but the contract is moveable.

This actually does work out money-wise. Grant makes $20 million, Bey is still on his rookie deal at a few mill, and you add that Olynyk money and it makes a Simmons trade doable:


I guess Detroit would then try to build around Simmons and Cade Cunningham and see what that young group of Diallo, Hayes, and Stewart becomes.

If you’re a Sixers fan, you’re probably wondering if the team gets a better offer than this. Does it solve the perimeter creation need and is Jerami Grant+Tobias Harris redundant? Grant is really good, but is he “difference maker” good? That’s what Daryl Morey is reportedly holding out for as the February 10th trade deadline approaches.

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