Ben Simmons Rumor of the Day: Atlanta Hawks a Suitor?

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Let’s it back to Ben Simmons rumors. We haven’t had any good ones in some time.

However, here comes Marc Stein:

Now THIS is interesting. Atlanta as a suitor? I could seriously see Ben fitting in down there as do-it-all type of guy, but it’s funky because Trae Young is such a high usage player. We’re talking top five usage rate in the NBA as a primary ball handler. Ben would have to take a back seat on the offensive end, which I’m sure he’s fine with, but he also would not be the “point guard” unless Atlanta has some super-secret plan in place.

The Hawks have some really solid players, but no top-25 superstar types of guys outside of Trae. John Collins just began a five-year deal that pays him about $25 million per. Then there’s a handful of guys still on rookie deals, like Kevin Huerter, Cam Reddish, and De’Andre Hunter. Bogdan Bogdanovic makes $18 million and is only 29 years old. You’re not going to get a superstar back for Ben, but pair two of those guys together and/or make a corresponding move (maybe sacrifice picks to move Tobias Harris), and you’re talking about an interesting reconfiguration centered around Joel Embiid.

A few months ago, you would have written off any thought of a wing or pure shooter coming back as the centerpiece in a Simmons deal, but with Tyrese Maxey’s emergence, it could be palatable. You could theoretically go out and get a small forward and then run a Maxey/Curry/that guy/Harris/Embiid unit, or you could stick to the original plan and try to bring back a primary ball handler and trusted perimeter creator.

Ben Simmons to the Hawks on a good offer? It’s an idea that’s hard to PASS UP. Get it? Pass up? Anyway…

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