DeVonta Smith Breaks DeSean Jackson’s Rookie Receiving Yards Record*

from the ESPN broadcast

DeVonta Smith needed 38 yards on Saturday night to break DeSean Jackson’s record for most receiving yards by a rookie Eagles receiver.

He did it in the first quarter of the Cowboys game:

Smith immediately left the field, record secured and health intact.

*Of course, we must affix the asterisk to this story. There are 17 regular season games now. DeSean only played 16 as a rook, when the Eagles went 9-6-1 and then embarked upon that fantastic run to the NFC Championship Game.

That year, D Jax was targeted 120 times and caught 62 of those passes for 912 yards and two scores. He also ran the ball 17 times for 92 yards and a touchdown. Nobody was even close to his receiving yardage that year. Hank Baskett was second on the team with 440 yards.

This year, Smith will finish with 64 receptions on 104 targets, logging 916 yards and five touchdowns.

The point of the asterisk isn’t to shit all over a cool thing an Eagle did. Nobody is trying to be a debbie downer. It’s just to reiterate that one guy played more games than the other. It’s a statement of fact, and should be noted when we’re making additions to the record books based on a schedule length that’s different than what it used to be.

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