Did Shane Victorino Throw His Hat in the Ring for Kevin Frandsen’s Replacement?

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What does the Flyin’ Hawaiian know?

Notice the tweet in question was sent at 1:10 a.m. Shane was probably wrapping up a night of wine on the couch with the Mrs. finishing up some Yellowstone, fired up Twitter, saw Kevin Cooney’s tweet, and decided “lets throw a match into the fire.” Admittedly I’m not a huge seamhead, and I don’t have a car, so I don’t listen to the radio broadcasts often, but when I did Frandsen was always good for a funny observational quip here or there in between Scott Franzke’s play by play:

When this news broke it seemed Phillies fans thoroughly enjoyed Frandsen on the broadcast and thought he was a great #2 fill in when some clubs don’t even have a #1 crew. And there’s more on the broadcast front, as Scott Lauber from the Inquirer said this about Franzke’s contract situation:

“Franzke, meanwhile, received a one-year extension from the Phillies after his five-year contract expired at the end of last season, a decision that executive vice president David Buck described as “proper timing given everything going on.” Buck said the Phillies hope to discuss a longer-term deal with Franzke later this year. Franzke was been a fixure in the radio booth with Andersen since 2007.

As far as Victorino is concerned, Phillies fans would welcome him into the booth immediately. He was easily one of the most well-liked Phillies during the ’07-’11 run and his personality fit perfectly with those teams and the 2013 Red Sox team that won it all. The thing I think the radio crew hits on well is you can sense they like working with each other through the broadcast. Frandsen knew when to get in and get out. Make a funny observation and let Franzke do his thing. LA and Franzke are pros. I think Victorino can gel with anyone. Sign the contract.

Other candidates I’d be open to: 

Charlie Manuel (perfect fit if he wasn’t killing it in his pool in Florida. He sounds exactly like LA and you wouldn’t know who was in the booth with Franzke that day.)

Jack Fritz (he plays the Frandsen role well already with Ike and Johnny Marks)

Jimmy Rollins (better on TV but crushed it every time he was in the booth last year)

Butch From Manayunk (In his contract he will sing the 7th inning stretch and then will be in the booth until the game ends. Imagine a 17 inning game with Butch while he’s taking his extra curricular supplements between innings. Madness.)

Whichever Kalas grandchild has a golden voice

John Middleton Powers if he keeps producing Grudge reboots


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