Eagles Employee Lands Exclusive Interview with Eagles Employee

from Eagles Twitter video

Dave Spadaro had himself quite the season.

First, he openly criticized the Eagles for the first time in an eternity. That was back in October, when he did a 94 WIP interview and Reddit AMA in which he questioned what exactly the Birds were trying to do on defense. At that point in time, nobody had a clue.

But the Eagles rebounded nicely, made the playoffs, and Spuds has now landed another EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, this time with Nick Sirianni:

These posts will never not be funny. “Exclusive interview.” Spadaro is on the Eagles’ payroll, and him getting an exclusive with Sirianni would be like Jen Psaki doing an exclusive with Joe Biden. It would be like Philly Fighting COVID doing an exclusive with Andrei Doroshin.

I wrote this about Spuds’ gig last year:

“…on a more serious note, Dave’s job is difficult. You often question your own integrity and sanity because you signed up for the gig knowing that you can’t say what you really want to say. Same for Fran (Duffy), who does really good work, plus Lauren Rosen at the Sixers and the in-house Phillies and Flyers people.

More often than not, team insiders can find a lane and stay in it. You can do softer feature stories and/or highlight the good things from bad losses. And there’s value in that, if you do it well”

I’m sure Spadaro was riding the rollercoaster this year. Early on, he was probably like, “oh God this team sucks how do I polish this turd?” And then when they started winning again he could have done 200 words on Boston Scott scoring a touchdown and it would get 10,000 clicks. Such is life as a team insider.