Eagles Linebacker Puts Ben Simmons on the “All-Dickhead First Team”

from Shaun Bradley's IG story

Eagles linebacker Shaun Bradley, who grew up in the area and played football at Temple (a basketball school), reposted this on his IG story over the weekend:

It’s the third First Team All-D of Ben Simmons’ career. If you’ve been down to the stadiums for an Eagles or Sixers game, you’ve seen vendors hawking the Ben Simmons “Dickhead” shirts. Impressive craftsmanship to turn Ben Simmons’ head into a penis, while also not skimping on the fine details, like canvasing the balls with perfectly symmetrical pubes. A street vendor’s Mona Lisa if we’re being honest, up there with “Got High. Got Drunk. Got Tasered?” –


Here is Webster’s definition of the word ‘Dickhead,’ for the olds or people outside of Philly reading this:

Dickhead: (dic hed) n. 1   A Philly term meaning stupid, asshole, when someone does something stupid they are called dickhead

Ya friend cheats on a test and gets caught. “hahahaha yo bul’s a dickhead for that one!”

It can also be used for when you ride a SEPTA bus by adding ‘Backdoor’ in front.

According to Urban Dictionary:

Backdoor Dickhead adv.

Philly slang for “Please open the Backdoor of the bus, bus driver”. often used by teenagers and impatient adults when getting off of the bus

Teenage Passenger: BACKDOOR, DICKHEAD!!!
Bus Driver: alright. here you go

Thank you for attending Crossing Broad’s English 101 lesson for today.

Is Shaun Bradley wrong for this? Absolutely not. Ben Simmons is exemplifying dickhead behavior and Shaun Bradley understands that because he grew up in the area. What is he supposed to do in this situation? Not repost that? He’s watching Joel Embiid put the Sixers on his gigantic shoulders for the last month while Ben Simmons is at home investing in NFT eSports companies. Ben Simmons is putting on a masterclass of being a dickhead.