Even Jim Gardner Knows that the NFL Overtime Rules are Incredibly Stupid


Jim Gardner was already the G.O.A.T., but now he’s cementing that status further by placing himself on the right side of the NFL overtime rules debate:


We had this argument three years ago. Remember when the Patriots beat the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes didn’t even get the ball in overtime? It happened again Sunday night, but the other way around. Mahomes got the ball, went down and scored a touchdown, and Josh Allen, who was fucking electric in the game, didn’t even get on the field in the overtime period.

The Bills should have won it in regulation, but that’s not the point. The point is that each team should get an offensive possession in overtime. Nobody can sit there with a straight face and say that the overtime rules make sense, because if the team that wins the COIN TOSS scores a touchdown with their first drive, then only 50% of the players involved in the game even get on the field. The Chiefs defense and Bills offense weren’t even involved in the most critical portion of the game.

And don’t sit here and say “yeah well the Bills defense should have got the stop.” Neither defense was stopping Mahomes or Allen at that point, and so the NFL lets a 50/50 toss of the coin play a role in determining who goes to the AFC Championship game. If pure chance and luck is going to determine the recipient of an offensive possession, then the fairest way to rewrite the rule is to allow the opposing team an opportunity to matchInstead we’re rolling out tired defenses against elite quarterbacks in a sport where the offense is typically on the front foot, especially in the modern day NFL, where recent rule changes have proven advantageous to the offense anyway.

If you need a better example how stupid the NFL overtime rule is, try applying it to other sports. I love the tennis analogy. Imagine Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras go into a scenario where Agassi wins a coin toss and elects to serve. Agassi hits four aces, and the match is over before Sampras has a chance to serve.

Are you going to log on to Twitter and argue that Sampras should have broken his serve? You can’t, because breaking serve is measurably harder than holding serve.

Likewise, if the Sixers were playing the Heat, and the game went to overtime, imagine flipping a coin to determine possession, and the Heat walk it off with a three-pointer. The Sixers don’t even get the ball. That would be equally pitiful. Same with a road team in baseball walking it off in the TOP OF THE TENTH INNING without the home team even getting to bat.

You understand now why this is dumb? You have to be given the opportunity to match. That’s what they do in the college game, and it represents the most fair and balanced way to break a regulation football deadlock. The NFL overtime rules are shite, and the small portion of people who think there’s nothing wrong are just being contrarians.

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