Howie Roseman Answers Questions About Jalen Hurts Being QB1 of the Future

Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni did their season-ending press conference on Wednesday morning.

Right off the jump, Reuben Frank asked about Jalen Hurts, and the exchange went like this:

Roob: Have you seen enough from Jalen this year to feel comfortable with him as your quarterback moving into the future?

Roseman: We talk about Jalen and the growth he had, really a first year starter, second year player, leading this team to the playoffs. We’re tremendously impressed by his work ethic and leadership. The last time we talked was during camp, and we said we wanted to see him take the bull by the horns, and he certainly did that. 

Roob: Is that a yes? 

Roseman: Yes. 

Hmm, okay. So he did the typical non-committal thing, but on the follow up question said “yes.” I’m sure the radio guys will break down that exchange all day long, and try to read between the lines. We will discuss it ad nauseam on social media.

As a follow up question, Jimmy Kempski asked if they would consider trading for a quarterback because of the number of available assets they have going into this offseason.

Howie on that:

“I think for us, what we’re doing right now is evaluating our team. And we’re continuing to figure out ways to build. We’re not happy about the fact that our season ended in the playoffs. We want to build a team that has home playoff games and gets to play in front of our fan base. Build a team that gets a bye. Those assets you talk about, that gives the ability to continue to build. It really helps us add good players to this team. Our job is to look at everything, to evaluate every position and every player. We do that not only for right now and this moment, but we do it to have information when players become available at any position.”

That’s a nothing answer, but expected. Of course they’ll sniff around on Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson and see what the market looks like for thos guys.

For what it’s worth, Howie said this about Carson Wentz at the end of the 2020 year:


There was a third question about this that I missed, but Howie was asked if they are going into this offseason with the mindset that Hurts is the QB in 2022, and Roseman said “yes” again. It might mean jack shit on January 1st, but this seems more committal than Howie normally is. Might be something to it.

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