Earlier this week, a tipster told us to look into Jeff Skversky’s status at Action News. Specifically, that he no longer works there.

We did some low-level sleuthing and discovered that, indeed, Skversky’s bio has been removed from the WPVI website. When you go through the talent listing, this is everybody profiled on the page:

  • Jim Gardner
  • Cecily Tynan
  • Ducis Rodgers
  • Rick Williams
  • Sharrie Williams
  • Alicia Vitarelli
  • Adam Joseph
  • Sarah Bloomquist
  • Brian Taff
  • Karen Rogers
  • Matt O’Donnell
  • Tamala Edwards
  • Nydia Han
  • Walter Perez
  • Brittany Boyer
  • Dan Cuellar
  • Chad Pradelli
  • Jamie Apody
  • Katherine Scott
  • Chris Sowers
  • Matt Pellman
  • Annie McCormick
  • Trish Hartman
  • Christie Ileto
  • Gray Hall
  • Bob Brooks
  • Maggie Kent
  • Erin O’Hearn
  • Katie Katro
  • Gina Gannon
  • TaRhonda Thomas
  • George Solis
  • Corey Davis
  • Jaclyn Lee
  • Matteo Iadonisi
  • Beccah Hendrickson
  • Ashley Johnson
  • Eric Moody
  • Jessica Boyington (who I think has actually worked for every local station now) edit – she’s been at 3, 6, and 10, not FOX

No Skversky. I quadruple checked, but he’s not listed. I messaged Jeff, and have yet to hear back. I also called Action News and left an archaic voicemail to see if they could confirm. We have attempted proper journalism at Crossing Broad, so all we can do is wait and see if somebody gives us official confirmation here.

In the meantime, we are resigned to searching for clues. Skversky continues to tweet. His profile picture is his Action News head shot, and his banner photo is from some kind of parade the station covered. His Twitter handle just says “JeffSkversky,” and I’m trying to determine if 6ABC was in his handle previously (I have no idea). On Linkedin, he’s still listed as a WPVI employee, where he started in 2009. Same with Instagram.

Otherwise, I’ve been told Jeff has not appeared on any Eagles Zoom calls recently. His name does not appear on recent quote sheets that are hitting my inbox.

Where there is smoke, there must be fire! Using the sacred art of “informed speculation,” my best guess is that his contract simply expired at the end of 2021. TV stations don’t send out press releases for that kind of stuff, and typically the talent in question just says something on Twitter, like “hey, I enjoyed my time here and I’m moving on blah blah,” but I don’t see anything like that from Jeff. The broadcast silence is a little odd.

RE: Jillian Mele, nothing on that front right now. She did indeed join 6ABC, but hasn’t appeared on the air yet (EDIT – I’ve been told that she finally did make her debut)

EDIT 2 – there’s this, and I was also told he recently did a sideline reporting gig for NBCSP:

EDIT 3 –

A 6 ABC representative says the station does not “comment on personnel issues.”