Jason Kelce is a First-Team All-Pro

Grass is green, water is wet, the sky is blue, and Jason Kelce is one of the NFL’s best offensive linemen:

That’s four first-team All-Pro selections for Kelce, the most among active Eagles. Reggie White and Chuck Bednarik hold the franchise record with six selections each.

If we’re keeping track, Kelce’s resume now includes:

  • four first-team All-Pro selections
  • five Pro Bowl selections
  • a Super Bowl ring
  • 159 games played

That’s probably enough to get him in the Hall of Fame. Seriously. You look at some other centers in the HOF, like Dwight Stephenson, who had 5x All-Pro and 5x Pro Bowl nods in eight seasons. Kelce has played 11 seasons and maybe 12 if he decides to keep going, and since there aren’t a lot of centers in the HOF, his resume is pretty close to what some of those other guys did over the course of their careers. He is right there and has a legitimate shot at getting in.

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