Some Philadelphia media news here.

If you go over to Jillian Mele’s Twitter page, you’ll see it now says “journalist 6abc” –

It’s random, because there wasn’t any kind of tweet about this. No announcement like “hey I’m joining Action News” or whatever. Nothing from 6 ABC, either.

But according to super-secret Crossing Broad sources, Mele started at WPVI this past week, though she hasn’t been on the air yet. Nobody seems to know what her role is going to be. It’s a mystery!

Mele, you may recall, started at NBC 10 way back in the day before joining Breakfast on Broad, so this would bring her full circle back into the local news game. She had departed BOB in 2017 to join Fox News, where she worked on the morning show, Fox and Friends. It was also reported that she is pursuing her MBA at La Salle University, so perhaps this was just a return for a combination master’s degree and hometown TV gig. She’s from Glenside.