Joe Judge Getting Pizza and Beer for His Coaches is Pretty Cool

Photo via usa today sports

We’ve been hammering Joe Judge nonstop on this website for the better part of two years now, but after his firing it’s time to chill out a bit.

We’ll even give him a ton of credit, because after he got canned he ordered a boatload of pizza and alcohol and had it delivered to his house. TMZ shared a photo and some details on their website, but Pat Leonard at the Daily News says Judge was actually hosting his assistant coaches and their families:

Now that’s a really cool gesture from Judge. A show of thanks to his assistants and their families. That is a thoughtful, blue collar, Philly guy type of gesture. He’s one of us! He’s one of us!

Therefore, I hereby declare that Joe Judge is no longer a fake tough guy. He is no longer a disgrace to the great borough of Lansdale. Next time Judge comes to Montco, I’m buying him a beer. When he returns for the Lansdale Catholic homecoming game, the drinks are on me.