Jordan Mailata is so Powerful He’s Splitting Golf Balls in Half

From Landon Dickerson's Instagram

Landon Dickerson shared a video of Jordan Mailata and a golf ball he split in half:

Jordan Mailata is The Natural.

Good to know that if an asteroid is barreling down on Earth we don’t need to send Bruce Willis, some oil drillers, and a couple astronauts up there to drop a nuke on it. Just have Jordan Mailata hit golf balls at it until he splits it in half and saves the world. Honestly, I thought it was impossible to split a golf ball unless they were run over by lawn mowers. But when you’re 6’8 and 346 pounds regular rules don’t apply to you.

There’s no doubt he apologized to the ball.

P.S. Doug Pederson, Jake Elliot, and Mailata would be a dirty scramble threesome:

 (video courtesy of a mystery CB reader who sent this over three years ago, it’s from Top Golf in Jersey)


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