Kadarius Toney, who raps under the name Yung Joka, released his 3rd album Thursday:

Now I could easily play the role of typical Eagles fan and bury Kadarius Toney for releasing an album after the season he had. 39 receptions for 420 yards and zero touchdowns. I could mention he’s more focused on making albums than scoring touchdowns. I could make a joke that him missing seven games this season gave him enough time to write hooks and engineer the sound. Or that he’s playing into the concerns that some NFL scouts had, wondering if he cared more about his rap career than his football career. I could do all that if Kadarius Toney wasn’t a good rapper.

Now listen, I’m not saying he’s one of the greats, but athletes have already set the bar so ridiculously low that when one stays on beat you perk up a little. Check it out for yourself:

I’m four songs in as I write this and haven’t felt the need to throw my computer off my roof. It sounds like smooth southern trap beats over some autotune. I can’t make a comparison to any rapper I’ve heard before off the top of my head, but I can picture the music video. I’ve seen this music video 1000x on Youtube. It’s black and white, it only uses the same four locations, but it jump cuts every couple seconds so the viewer doesn’t realize. It goes one guy hanging out of a Nissan Altima on a slightly busy road, quick shot to a Hellcat burnout, cut to a low-angle shot rapping in front of a home, and now we have 20 dudes sitting in a kitchen counting money (a kitchen that’s too small for 20 dudes), back to the Nissan Altima, quick Hellcat burnout (same exact shot but slo-mo this time), shot of Yung Joka and let’s get that over to post.

Now, Yung Joka won’t be on my Daily Mix 1 playlist, but it wouldn’t be an immediate skip either.

You think Jabrill Peppers wishes he had this one back?

Screengrab from Jabrill Pepper’s Instagram