Mike Vick Got His Butt Kicked in Chess By a 12 Year Old While In Philly

Photo Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Vick was recently on the Pat McAfee show, and talked about how he knew he’d have success with Andy Reid in Philadelphia, other teams that called him out of prison, and getting his butt kicked by a 12 year old in chess:

I am so impressed with people who can play chess. Not even the ability to play really, I’m sure I could take a week to learn the game, but the patience.  The different strategies that go into moving a pawn or rook confuse me so much that I lose interest two moves in. Give me checkers and diagonal moves all day. Double jumps. Triple jumps. ‘King me’ bitch and I’m an absolute menace all over the board. Backwards. Forwards. You can’t escape me. American Checkers, Chinese Checkers, doesn’t matter, Kyle in 4. Throw me into chess and I’m drowning in the deep end of the pool. My king’s head would be off faster than Ned Stark’s (spoiler alert).

Chess prodigies are up there with golfing prodigies as the cockiest motherfuckers around! Look at this article from Michael Vitez of the Inquirer when Vick played chess with an 18 year old at a charity event:

Jowel knew he owned the quarterback on the sixth move.

“When he didn’t want to trade his queen, I said, ‘He’s intimidated by me now,’ ” Jowel said. “That’s when I gave him my moves.”

Vick has the Superman emblem tattooed on his right hand, but it didn’t help. At one point, showing mercy, Jowel said, “I don’t think you want to make that move, Mr. Vick.”

Jowel piled up pieces.

“Apparently, you’re in a mess right now,” Jowel told him.

Vick talked tough, full of bravado.

“You get a ticket for every win,” Vick said.

This brought a giant smile to Jowel’s face.

“One ticket for every win?”

And he turned to the crowd. “Who wants to go to an Eagles game?” Jowel asked.

In seven minutes, just 17 moves for Jowel, it was over. Checkmate.

That’s 15 yards for taunting!

The whole interview was really good, if you have the time, but these two clips stood out to me. The one below is Mike talking about being thrown into his first game once Kevin Kolb went down:

The other was a funny story from the 2010 playoff game against the Packers. Which brought back some bad memories. I honestly thought we were going to the Super Bowl that year. If I was to rank all of the worst Eagles playoff losses this game is right below the 2009 NFC Championship game, which is below early 2000 losses. The moment they’re talking about happens at 2:00:53 on the goal line late in the game. Don’t watch the whole game it’s 0 fun.