Nick Sirianni Sent Jason Kelce Two Kegs of Beer So He Doesn’t Retire

Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Important news to share:

Nick Sirianni is the best. The dude just gets it. Yea, they got run out of the building in Tampa Bay last week. They didn’t know the correct formation on an important 3rd down. He went away from the running game too early, but this to me goes a much longer way than a Wild Card loss against the defending champs. I think Nick Sirianni being able to relate to his guys and building relationships with them can outweigh the fact he’s not an “offensive genius.”

Think of it this way –

We’ve all had shitty bosses. Some of us have had good bosses. No matter if you’re in blue collar work, white collar work, media, art, whatever, it’s easier to find it in you to do more for your boss when you like them. Completing one last edit on a report at 4 p.m. on a Friday in July when you’re already in Sea Isle and you’re the last one at the house while everyone’s at Dead Dog is way less soul crushing when you enjoy your boss. When you hate your boss, that email after hours on a Friday? That’s what we call a Monday problem. So maybe Nick Sirianni isn’t an offensive genius, but why can’t he be a genius at connecting with players? I believe Doug was good at that. Chip obviously not. Andy Reid was a players coach. So when it’s down to the wire and Jason Kelce is going up against Vita Vea all day and he doesn’t have much left in the tank, maybe he’ll look over to the sidelines and remember those two kegs of beer in mid-January and why he decided to come back.

Or maybe he’ll drink both kegs himself this weekend, retire, and he’ll go Thor Bjornsson all over everyone’s asses:

The guy has never seen a beer he didn’t want to delete: