Tobias Harris was booed by Sixers fans on Monday night. 

He missed a shot in the first half, heard the jeers, then egged on the crowd by throwing two-hands in the air with a “let’s hear it” gesture. Then, in the second half, he made a bucket and was seen on camera saying “don’t fucking clap, don’t fucking clap.”

We all wrote our stories about it, and Tyrone and Jamie at 97.5 the Fanatic argued with each other about it, rather intensely. Everybody has an opinion on fan booing, but Tobias is a level-headed and thoughtful guy, and said this when it was his turn at to speak to the media following Wednesday’s win in Orlando:

“Nobody died, I just got booed” is the early front runner for Philadelphia quote of the year. If Crossing Broad was still in the t-shirt game, these would be available on the site sometime this afternoon. It could also be the title of your autobiography if you were any number of Philadelphia athletes, like Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Jean Segura, or Jalen Reagor.

Harris knows what it is. He’s an intelligent dude. He knows he’s not performing to the level that he’s capable of, and every athlete does. The fans aren’t exactly telling them something they don’t already know. It’s like, “hey dude you can’t hit a shot,” as if the player doesn’t see the ball go up and then come back down in in the opponent’s hands.

The Tobias problem has always been his contract. It’s not even really about him. He’s a $35 million dollar player who plays like a $20 million dollar player on many nights. And the absence of Ben Simmons puts stress on every other teammate to step it up and fill the void. Tobias has never been a “take over a game” type of guy, and that’s what fans generally expect from their max players.

It is what it is!