Dan Sileo, host of the National Football Show on the Jakib Media Network, reports that Howie Roseman has contacted the Texans about Deshaun Watson…

…exactly 5 months after tweeting Deshaun Watson will not ex(ac)cept a trade to the Eagles:

Dan Sileo is playing a game of tug o’ war against Dan Sileo. This is the equivalent of LA Rams Matt Stafford hugging Detroit Lions Matt Stafford after making it to the Super Bowl:

I didn’t think the Deshaun Watson rumors would start this early in the offseason, but here we go again. This will probably be the first of many posts about Deshaun Watson rumored to the Eagles in 2022, until he finds a new team or new cellmate first. Watson’s deposition trial is scheduled for February 22nd and the court date will be May 2nd if he’s not able to settle his lawsuits by then. At one point he was rumored to have 18 of the 22 ready to settle before four sexual misconduct accusers held out.

There has been a ton of smoke around Howie Roseman’s interest in Deshaun Watson and the rumors have to be true. Howie has never publicly denied they’re pursuing Watson, Adam Schefter (Howie’s guy) added some fuel to the fire on 97.5 The Fanatic’s John Kincade Show, and at one point he supposedly sent a private investigator down to Houston and spoke with Deshaun’s legal team:

So even if Dan Sileo’s hands around his cell phone looks like Andre The Giant holding a beer, how can you can’t this report after 14 months of Eagles rumors?

both photos via Twitter