Go figure:

Forget the updated protocols. It’s time to roll out the practice squad on Saturday night. They may have been planning to play the backups anyway, because the Cowboys game is meaningless, unless the Birds had some super-secret strategy to jockey for a preferred playoff opponent.

Honest to God, if the Eagles were gonna get hit with COVID issues, now is the time. Couldn’t have worked out better. They clinched 24 hours ago and don’t need to do a damn thing this weekend. You can let these guys rest up, clear protocol, and then focus on the playoff game. As long as it doesn’t linger in next week, then it’s all good.

edit – maybe they just hold a COVID party, everybody feels crummy for a few days, and then they’re good to go for the playoffs? it’s a thought! just thinking out loud here

Update – here’s the list from the Birds: