Sir Lucas Capetian Finally Speaks About the Short-Lived Sixers and Color Star Technology Partnership

Dan McQuade at Defector, who has been all over the Color Star/Sixers partnership from the beginning, middle, and end, tweeted out the letter he received from Sir Lucas Capetian on Wednesday:

In case you have no idea what’s going on here, the Sixers recently partnered with Color Star, which does this, according to the press release sent out by the team:

The Philadelphia 76ers announced today a partnership with Color Star, an entertainment technology company with a global network that focuses on the application of tech and artificial intelligence (AI) in the entertainment industry.  

The 76ers and Color Star will also collaborate on content featuring exclusive interviews with 76ers representatives, including executives and former players. During these interviews, 76ers representatives will elaborate on their respective roles within the organization as well as give an inside look into the business of basketball.

McQuade got to digging and and learned that there’s some goofy stuff going on with this company, which apparently no longer is affiliated with the Sixers. RIP partnership. His original writeup on the matter is bizarrely intriguing and funny.

Here’s an easier to read version of the letter so you don’t have to leave the site by clicking on the tweet. That’s what we call in the biz “minimizing the bounce rate” –

Sir Lucas Capetian letter from Dan McQuade (Twitter/@dhm)

Quick thoughts on the letter.

  • The signature is so bad I would’ve taken it more seriously if it was written in crayon
  • Did we ever determine if this guy was actually knighted? Or is he stealing valor?
  • The light gray around the logo at the top in the header. This image was either screen-shotted or ripped from Google images. How do the Sixers waste actual resources on a company who won’t pay $9.99/mo for a Photoshop license?
  • If you’re a real company with real revenue this letter comes from a lawyer 100 out of 100 times.

I hope Defector refuses to delete these articles. Let’s go to court. Stream it on NBC Sports between the infomercials for the Gotham Steel non-stick pan and Danny Pommells’ 10th airing of SportsNet Central. I need to see Sir Lucas squirming in his seat while they ask how Color Star’s portfolio of concrete, construction, and metaverse align. Let former lawyer and current line cook Mikey Miss represent the defense and air it during the 2-6 slot to align brand synergy. Throw it over to Michael Barkann while the court takes a recess to play the Nancy Grace angle and cue the fake outrage over the defense’s decision to keep Capetian off the stand. If this is greenlit I’ll finally forgive NBC Philly for canceling Philly Sports Talk Live.

P.S. Would it be bad to ask Kyle for an off day a week into the job? January 25th papa is going to be busy:

(screenshot from Dan McQuade’s tweet)

Hope Mike’s team chooses to record with a camera instead of a spoon this time:


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