Stephen A. Smith did a Kobe Bryant tribute on the second anniversary of his death, and there’s a Ben Simmons dig beginning at the 2:23 mark here:

Stephen A, and the ‘A’ stands for assault. Are we doing remembrance roasts now? ‘Hey Stephen A., tee up some nice words for Kobe tomorrow. It’s the two year anniversary. Keep it light. Respectful.’

“Not without going after Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving first.”

I would be more shocked if Stephen A didn’t go after Ben Simmons. This is why Stephen A. Smith makes $10 million a year. His brand is an orator of insults. If Stephen A. talks about Phil Jackson, is he not going to remind everyone the first thing he did as Knicks president was sign Lamar Odom (who he alleged was on crack)? Is he not going to talk about the Pau Gasol trade without mentioning that Kwame Brown was a bona fide scrub? Absolutely not.

More remembrance roasts, too. They say a eulogy isn’t the time to roast the person. I say when I die if the incinerator doesn’t grind me up enough, make sure you finish the job during the eulogy. Aren’t funerals a celebration of life? Make Funerals Fun Again. My grandparents already have a date with a 23-year-old med student and his scalpel and a deposit for a party at the country club when they go. They make jokes every Christmas that they’ll see us next year if they’re not “in Maryland”. So maybe I wasn’t brought up with the most empathetic outlook on death, but I am Irish and we invented laying the dead on a pool table and getting drunk around them. No matter what, I can’t wait ’til Stephen A. remembers Hank Aaron after his one year anniversary and out of nowhere takes a shot at Barry Bonds disgracing baseball.