The Maestro Gives Firsthand Account of the Carmelo Anthony vs. Sixers Fan Incident

the maestro at the sixers game

Kyle is too busy building our empire to write this post for himself, but gave a take on the Carmelo Anthony incident.

He was sitting five feet away from the fan: “I didn’t hear exactly what was said. It was loud in there.” Yahoo cited an “NBA source” who heard the guy call him a “boy.” All I heard clearly was what you can hear in this video, where the guy says to Melo “you can’t hit a jump shot.” Another guy behind me, a Lakers fan, yelled something about La La (Anthony). My wife informed me that she (La La) is friends with Kim Kardashian and has adult relations with Melo. This is something I now know. Melo responded to the taunting by running by with an f-bomb and some combination, to my ears, of “punk ass” or “bitch” or perhaps the combination of those two. Pretty standard trash talk with a fan, I’d think. The guy said on the radio he called him a “little boy.” I’d buy this. No one around us was appalled by whatever the guy yelled. Everyone was mostly laughing at what seemed like benign comments… except for the woman who yelled “bye bitch” at the guy on his way out. I think this was also the woman who held Anthony Davis’ hand during the fracas. She was a Lakers fan. The guy appeared to me to be inebriated and annoying… but then again, that can describe 42% of the arena on any given night.

For what it’s worth, earlier in the game, Melo hit a shot and hopped by with a non-vulgar salute in this direction. Unclear if it was aimed at anyone in particular, or just the fans in general. My take was that Melo seemed to be way too easily distracted, down 18, to the Sixers. But again, the guy said other things that were indistinguishable to me, so who knows?