The Sixers Found the Worst Blackjack Player of All-Time in the Crowd

screengrab from Twitter video

During intermission on Monday night, the Sixers had a contest where a fan had to beat Franklin in blackjack, and it was the worst game of all time:

“Listen, here’s the thing. If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker.” -Matt Damon in Rounders 

Give the Sixers’ in-game host a raise because he spotted the sucker immediately. What the hell was that performance? We started off strong hitting while Franklin is showing 7. Personally, I’m staying once I get a 17 if there’s money on the line, but since there’s no skin in the game, you might as well hit and if you bust – no harm no foul. To get a three at that point is a gift from the gambling Gods. Franklin has a face that doesn’t even change expression and he couldn’t believe you pulled 20 out of your ass! –

screengrab from Sixers jumbotron video

There is zero chance this guy has ever played blackjack in his life. I know at Temple basketball games it was the in-game host’s job to find scrubs to take part in the shooting competitions. The first question was always, “Did you play high school basketball?” before letting them participate. That’s why half the time you have to watch students who can barely tie their shoes shoot 3’s. Those $50 gift cards to Pub Webb don’t grow on trees. Not in this economy. But this isn’t a public university; the Sixers can afford to give away prizes anytime they want. This was straight up gambling malpractice. 20,000 people yelling at you to stay and you hit. Imagine if this was late night at Sugarhouse, the person next to this guy is showing 10, and he puts on that performance. All assault charges should be waived once the police get ahold of the security footage.