Uncivilized Dallas Fans Throw Stuff After Hilariously Brutal Playoff Loss

via Jane Slater

The Eagles got their doors blown off by the Buccaneers on Sunday, but at least they didn’t lose as a home favorite and then get pelted by their own fans:

I saw some people rationalizing this on Twitter by saying the fans weren’t throwing stuff at the players, but trying to hit the refs instead. Because that makes it so much better, right? What kind of churlish logic is that?

For the sake of consistency here, we criticized the Philly popcorn thrower and the guy who tossed flowers at Nick Sirianni. Boo all you want, and if you’re a urologist who wants to flip the double birds, so be it, but tossing projectiles onto the field crosses the line. It’s a DOPE move, as Howard Eskin would say. Cowboys fans are nitwits, morons, and jerks.


Looks like Dak Prescott is a gigantic loser: