Video of the Bucs Saying Jalen Hurts “Can’t Read” Defenses is Not the Most Inspiring Thing Going into the Weekend

Screengrab from NFL YouTube video

“This guy can’t read.. Keep him moving around now.. He can’t read. He’s gonna give us a couple.” – 

I’m not going to do what everyone thinks I’m gonna do, and flip out man:

But you know it. I know it. Even the biggest Jalen Hurts supporter in the world knows that video, which is from a mic’d up NFL production, doesn’t look good. Sunday was a big game for Jalen to show the fans (even a little) that he could be the franchise. But when you hear the Bucs admit your QB can’t read a defense in front of a giant boom mic hanging over Carlton Davis’ shoulder it doesn’t instill much confidence for the future.

It’s like when you were younger and you overheard your parents having a conversation you shouldn’t have. Like how the fuck are you supposed to keep a secret about your best friend’s parents getting a divorce? You’re 10. An idiot. Next time he’s kicking your ass in Madden and starts talking shit I can’t be held accountable if I say “At least my parents aren’t getting a divorce.” What is said on Xbox Live in a moment of rage should not be held against you in the court of law. It was 38-7 and he just called Fake Kneel Four Verts with 10 seconds on the clock. He’s lucky I didn’t wish the divorce was so messy he’d end up in foster care.

It doesn’t get any better when Bruce Arians is calling game in the 1st quarter:

Here’s the entire mic’d up video from Super Wild Card Weekend for yourself if you want to relive Sunday (Birds/Bucs starts at 10:00).

Same energy:

screen grabs from NFL YouTube and I think a cricket game? 

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