West Virginia Reporter and Philly Native Gets Hit by a Car Live on TV

screen grab from WSAZ video clip

Philly native Tori Yorgey, reporter for WSAZ news out there in good ol’ Charleston, WV, got mowed down by a car on live TV reporting on a water main break Wednesday night:

“Ya know, that’s live TV for ya.”

Since she’s confirmed okay, the rule is we’re allowed to make jokes and this is already getting the Jim Ross treatment online:

How about the reaction from Tim? Couldn’t be bothered that his reporter just got rolled up on like she was Joe Theisman. “Well that’s a first for ya on live TV Tori” like there’s an initiation process to get to the big desk. With that bedside manner, a welfare check to Tim’s house to check the freezer for dead bodies is warranted no? Good thing this wasn’t Tori’s first rodeo, she’s been hit by cars before in college. You’d think after one you’d give your two weeks notice, but no, Tori gets up, fights back tears, and continues to report to the great people of Charleston, WV that a pipe burst. A PIPE!

I never understood reporters telling us to stay inside during a hurricane or snow storm and then stations sending the same reporters and a cameraman out there. It’s windy and snowing. Boom there’s the news. Love Tori risking her life for a story, but it’s a water main break. Tweet it out. Write a story. Have that grim reaper Tim tell us where the water main break is while safe and warm in studio. Imagine this situation was worse and Tori’s last thing she ever did in life was talk about water gushing from a pipe. Seems dumb in the grand scheme of things. Leave that to Steve Keeley, who would welcome death by snow plow while talking about Hildreth Milton Flitcraft the only Phillie ever from Woodstown. You hear that scream from Sue Serio in the background like she just saw a person bite it before her eyes? Take notes Tim. That’s how you react.

Kinkead: I would also add that Tori is out there doing what we call “one-man band” journalism, aka she sets up her own camera and her own live shot. In Philly, each reporter goes out with a photographer, and they keep an eye out for creepy dudes or cars that are about to hit you. The life of a small market reporter is a tough one, but according to her Twitter feed she’s taking a new job in Pittsburgh soon, where she’ll be serving up news to the Yinzers.