From a recent Saturday Night Live skit that actually did not make air:


I’m not a huge SNL guy. I feel like the writing and sketches have become watered down over the years. The jokes feel bland and writers are afraid to take risks as to not upset the suits upstairs and corporate interests, but this was pretty good. It’s not Jay Pharaoh’s Stephen A. Smith, which is the GOAT of SAS impressions. It’s not Frank Caliendo’s either, but I thought Keenan knocked his Michael Irvin impression out of the park.

Anytime you can sneak in a cocaine joke about Michael Irvin, I’ll laugh. While I was watching this I did think Chloe Fineman, who plays Molly Qerim, brought up a good point. We let these guys just yell at us at 10 a.m. in the morning. How have we allowed this? I’m not truly awake before noon and I have Stephen A yelling in my ear about Slava Medvedenko. Then here comes Michael Irvin sweating all over himself and spitting on poor Molly every time he wrestles a word starting with the letter ‘P.’ This is the same dude who ESPN has to hire a personal wipe down guy for. Imagine getting this worked up over two below .500 teams: 

Today is a perfect day to argue Tom Brady exceptional vs. very exceptional. I’m going to say still very exceptional even with Sunday’s loss. Oh and btw it’s apples. Honeycrisp apples more importantly. Oranges can’t hold fresh honeycrisp apples jock.