Tori Yorgey, the Philly native and WSAZ West Virginia reporter who went viral Thursday for getting hit by a car, was on WIP Friday morning talking to Angelo when she was surprised by Brandon Graham:

Awesome move by Angelo and the morning team. You could hear the genuine shock in Tori’s voice when Brandon got on the line. Kinda wish Tori put on her reporter hat for a second and asked Graham how the Achilles was healing. What he thought about Jonathan Gannon’s head coaching interest, and where he saw himself fitting into the defense next season. Does he think Fletcher Cox will be back? Never stop scooping, but I’ll give her a pass due to the shock.

Other Eagles, like Lane Johnson reached out to get her a jersey:

Tori is an inspiration to every kid who wants to meet their favorite Eagles player one day. Work hard. Go to college. And make sure you’re always recording yourself just in case a car tattoos you out of nowhere. Also, before you do anything today add #GOBIRDS to your Twitter profile so if something crazy does happen, every blog, news outlet, and radio show in the Delaware Valley will cover it.