Wizards Broadcaster Apologizes for Mistaken Identity Gaffe

Photo Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

You see this the other night?

The Rockets were playing in Washington, and Glenn Consor, a Wizards radio guy who does some television, said this after Kevin Porter Jr. made a big basket:

Problem here is that the elder Kevin Porter spent four years in prison when he was convicted of first-degree murder after shooting a 14 year old girl. He was later killed during a 2004 bar shootout.

So you can understand why that comment would be highly inappropriate. Woof!


Consor was talking about another Kevin Porter, who played for Washington back in the day. He played ten seasons in the league and was a four-time NBA assist leader who finished his pro career in 1983.


So Consor apologized and explained the case of mistaken identity:

It’s a plausible explanation. The only thing he’s guilty of is not doing proper research, and so he apologized and you’d think it’s all good now.

This story blew up because it went viral on Twitter and LeBron James quote tweeted it. A pretty rough gaffe, but seems like this Consor guy handled it as best as he could after the fact.

Here’s the Kevin Porter he claims he was thinking of:

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