“Yes, We’ve Lost 12 in a Row, but Hear Us Out: Gritty Video Game” – the Flyers, Probably

Screengrab from the Gritty mobile game

The Flyers released a new mobile game in partnership with their bucket sponsor Tata Consultancy Services:

12 game losing streak. Unable to fill even the lower bowl of the Wells Fargo Center. Wasting away the last years of a Flyers legend. Gritty video game. That’s what the fanbase needs. A fanbase that has stuck by you (albeit sometimes as sheep) for the last 50 years of a Stanley Cup drought. Product sucks, hire a former player who had a memorable goal in the playoffs to the front office. Product sucks, lets market Gritty. Just wait until you they hit 15 in a row and first 10,000 fans get a coupon for a free appetizer at Gino’s Ristorante.

I hate brand deals and sports teams. I understand you have to pay the bills, but I hate the graphics at halftime when the Sixers are down 15 and they tweet something like “Comeback starts now @cryptocom”. In the middle of a 24 point collapse on Friday, Marcus Morris missed two free throws, securing the Frosty Freezeout with five seconds left. The Sixers account tweeted that we’d all get a free frosty as Tyrese Maxey is racing down the court to save the game. Of course this caught the ire of Sixers fans and was deleted hours later and instead tweeted out first thing in the morning Saturday:


So how did Flyers fans let their voices be heard?

Through the leaderboard of the game of course:

156 points from “COMCASTSUX” is nothing to take lightly. My high score so far was 82 and I had a hell of a round.

It’s not all bad though. At least Flyers legend Keith Yandle tied Doug Jarvis’ Ironman streak last night.

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