Another Ref Show with Dan Hurley Ejected from UConn/Nova Game

Photo Credit: Grace Hollars/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Complete ref show last night when UConn’s head coach Dan Hurley got tossed early in the first half against Villanova:

How do you throw out a coach who was pumping up the crowd? The doors in Hartford were about to blow off the place. It’s a huge top-25 matchup for Big East and NCAA tournament seeding and you throw the coach out in the first half?

People are arguing that you can’t show up the refs. They’re saying Hurley was riding them the entire first half. Do you hear yourselves? Are we still talking about big bad Big East basketball? Listen, there’s nothing more college refs love than being the center of attention. They look for any way to insert themselves into games and make it all about them. That’s why there is no consistency. Dan Hurley has coached like a crazy person since he’s been at Wagner. If you’re a Big East ref and you have Danny Hurley on the schedule you know you’re in for a long night. It’s not a secret. Now just because a ref got his feelings hurt he sent Hurley to the showers early. Make the Big East Great Again.

It sucks this is the main takeaway from that the game, because it was awesome! Back and forth all night with a March feel to it. A much needed appetizer for the Big East tournament. If you live on the Main Line you’re probably still pissed about the charge call on Collin Gillespie. Hold on while I enjoy your tears for a second because they are delicious:

It’s a bang-bang play. Gillespie is out of control. If you want to bum rush a guy looking for a foul call that’s fine, but RJ Cole beat him to the spot by a mile and he’s out of the restricted area:

If Caleb Daniels makes his free throws, for the greatest free throw shooting team of all time, with 30 seconds left to put Nova up 6, we’re singing a different tune today. The narrative is all about Dan Hurley’s antics fresh off of the Juwan Howard dustup.

Also, people mad that UConn fans stormed the court because they were favorites and are ranked are just miserable. Storm the court every chance you get. You only have four years to do it at college. You’re not going remember Mike on Twitter insulting you for storming the court five years from now. You’re going to remember beating Villanova your sophomore year and being in a giant crowd with your best friends all celebrating the same thing:

Hell, Clemson does it after every football win.

P.S., pray for everyone who had UConn -2.5. Gross:

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