Let’s check in with our friends down under:

Our guy Kyle P with the cameo there. We’re going global.

The good part starts at 3:18, when the guy says he disagrees that Ben has to work on his game, then proceeds to explain that Ben can’t shoot field goals, free throws, or three pointers. The only thing he will allegedly need to do is play defense, which we all know is not true, because even if Steve Nash cements Ben’s feet to the dunker spot on offensive possessions, you know the other team is gonna find a way to exploit that and put stress on Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, or the other two dudes on the floor who actually can shoot the ball. OR – Doc Rivers intentionally fouls Ben in the playoffs. Wouldn’t that be a doozy.

That was always the forgotten thing over the last several months. Even if you brought Ben back to the Sixers, you were returning a flawed player. His issues just didn’t magically disappear during the hold out, and you’ll recall that people were calling for a trade before he decided not to show up. The lack of development on the offensive side of the ball has been the thing with him going back several years now. Steve Nash has his hands full.