Ben Simmons When Asked if He’ll Be Ready for the Sixers Game: “I Hope So”

screengrab from video

From today’s introductory press conference:

Oh no, you’ll be there. Take your medicine like a man. Come back into the lion’s den.

Honestly, if I’m a Nets fan and Ben Simmons sits out the night of March 10th with a fake injury, I’d see if Sean Marks could return him. You can’t win a championship with a guy who is scared to play in front of his old team because there might be a little chaos. Who cares that there will be extra security so nobody tries to jump you? Why does it matter the Sixers have the National Guard stationed at every tunnel? Isn’t that normal? It’s $200 just to get in the door. Suck it up. Some people (me) are rearranging their entire vacation to be home for March 10th. Changeover fees. New itinerary. Early morning departures. Quality time with their families gone for you. You’re playing. I’m sure it won’t even be that bad. Look how fair Sixers were after Game 7:

I’m sure Ben’s perception of what is going to happen that night is all in his head.

P.S. I can’t wait for Joel Embiid to dunk on this fool and sign “call me” –