Brandon Graham Doesn’t Seem Convinced that Jalen Hurts Will Be the QB in 2022

screengrab via WIP video

Angelo Cataldi and the morning team had Brandon Graham on to talk about the Eagles’ quarterback situation, and they asked him if he’s sold on Jalen Hurts being the guy going forward:

Angelo: “Where are you on Hurts Brandon? Are you sold that he’s going to be the future of your team??”

BG: “I’m never sold. Because you never know what, I mean, you know, what the organization is thinking and which way they want to go.”

Well, that didn’t exude much hope or clarity. BG wouldn’t be my first choice if I was looking for a clear answer on what’s going on out in Eastern Europe right now.

“BG, what do you think about another Cold War?”

“I’m never sold. Because you know, sanctions, you know. They’re never 100%. It’s all about who you surround Ukraine with. Who’s in the locker room with Ukraine? Is it NATO? Is it Putin? I’m just excited for the draft.”

Well since BG isn’t all in, and Howie Roseman is definitely not all in here’s what I’d do:

You use the two of the three first rounders. Trade back for a 1st next year for insurance and pray Jalen is the guy. I would say the three biggest skills he needs to work on are going through progressions, staying in the pocket, and better decision making. I know arm strength is in issue, but if it hasn’t developed by now it’s never going to. BG did say you got to play to your QB’s strengths and I feel like Nick Sirianni did that down the stretch and got away from it against Tampa. It’ll be fun to see Jalen have the same offensive coordinator in back-to-back years since he was at Alabama. Let’s surround him with some talent on both sides of the ball and see if he can develop.

And keep BG off the airwaves ’til we get him some more PR training. He sounds like Doug Pederson up there in 2020 just stumbling over his words while Les Bowen & Rob Maaddi were trying to save the franchise from caving in. I appreciate BG not giving canned answers, but he sounds exactly like how every Eagles fan talks to their buddies about Jalen.

“He could be good with this, this, and this, but maybe Howie goes out and gets a QB. Idk man. Go Birds.”

Life would be a lot easier if Jalen lit the world on fire or he just sucked, but of course we’re directly in the middle so that conversation dominates everything until September.