Darius Slay and Javon Hargrave Jog Mac Jones’ Memory

screenrab via video (@nepinsider)

Video came out of Mac Jones talking some Pro Bowl shit to Darius Slay about torching the Eagles back in training camp:

You knew Slay wasn’t going to sit back and just let some rookie happen:

Another Pro Bowler, Javon Hargrave, who you can see in the original video, even got in on the fun:

The joke when the Eagles started off 2-5 was that at least the Birds were “joint practice champs.” The always-pragmatic Eagles beats couldn’t help themselves from describing the dominance they saw against the Jets and the Patriots. I mean Jalen Reagor was making insane, one-handed grabs:

So did Mac Jones actually have a day against the Eagles in training camp? I could easily cherry pick tweets from Eagles beats, but that isn’t any fun. Instead we’ll use Patriots guys and from what I found it wasn’t anything to talk shit about:

According to NESN, who charted the two practices, this was Mac’s statline against mostly the Eagle’s backups:

“Our charting of those Eagles joint practices had Jones going 13 of 22 in 11-on-11 drills and 15 of 17 with one interception in 7-on-7s over two days. The rookie QB had a few shaky periods but also excelled at times, following up his lone INT with 10 consecutive completions.”

Average day. Not spectacular, but also not bad for a rookie QB going through his first training camp. Let’s call it a tie. Love the shit talking from Mac Jones, though. Can’t teach that confidence.