Did Joel Embiid Bring SIPS Back To Philly?

via Joel Embiid/Twitter

Center City SIPS is officially back:

For those during the pandemic who turned 21 or got a big boy job in Philly, SIPS is a happy hour a bunch of bars participate in around the city:

Beginning June 1, participating locations within the Center City District will offer $6 cocktails, $5 wine and $4 beer every Wednesday after work through August 31.

Back in the day, you could drink cheap beers and sweat through your $15 H&M dress shirt at Pagano’s, Marathon, the Comcast Center, or basically anywhere you wanted in Center City. RIP to Comcast Center SIPS (my GOAT). Ruined by a bunch of douche bags back in 2017:

What happens when everyone in a fight has a father who is a lawyer? Who sues who?

SIPS just kind of reappeared out of thin air. Or did it? It’s funny how Joel Embiid mentions it during his interview with Mikey Miss a month ago and suddenly it returns:

Because Joel Embiid was the King of SIPS:

After the Sixers win the title in Game 7 on Sunday, June 19th, the parade would probably take place on June 22nd. What day is June 22nd? Wednesday. A parade in the morning right into SIPS at night? I’ll come out of retirement and get my favorite blue gingham shirt down from the rafters. Joel Embiid would have to be carried to Uptown. The Process would come full circle.

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